Connecting Everything.

Connecting Everything.

Nexus Connectivity is an end-to-end provider of next-generation broadband infrastructure deployment, with specialties in network engineering, network architecture, outside plant and inside plant construction, network maintenance, and emergency restoration services. We are a one-stop-shop with the objective of making network deployment easier by leveraging technology and experience for speed and cost effectiveness.

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Bandwidth demand is exploding.

Consumer data utilization is multiplying:

Mobile data usage in the US has grown 12-fold in the past decade. Similarly, wired consumer broadband data usage is seeing the same tremendous growth.


Enterprise bandwidth needs stronger than ever:

Increasingly, enterprises require secure, dedicated fiber connections to meet their networking needs. Enterprises are also increasingly moving storage and computing hardware off-premise or outsourcing such services altogether.


New Technologies on the Horizon: 

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and the internet of things are helping concoct a new wave of consumer and enterprise bandwidth demand that will dwarf the previous 4G demand cycle.


US Mobile Data Usage (in Petabytes per month)


Global Spending on Cloud Computing ($bn)


US networks are in need of an upgrade.

Network capacity has not kept pace with demand growth

  • The US ranks #9 worldwide in average broadband speed despite greatest "need for speed"
  • Most consumers and enterprises have no viable high-speed broadband alternatives outside of an incumbent telecom provider
  • A significant portion of network demand in urban regions is still met with copper

Fiber is what will bridge the digital gap

  • Deloitte estimates that the US needs $130bn - $150bn infiber network investment over the next 5-7 years to keep pace with demand alone
  • Deep fiber investment is what will empower the next wave of bandwidth capacity.

Broadband Availability in the US


Fiber deployment is costly and error-prone.

The vast majority (60-70%) of projected fiber investment need will be spent on construction and permitting. Planning is slow, and errors in deployment are common, which makes deployment timeline delays the norm in a large-scale fiber project. Telecom providers are willing to pay for quality contractors, but quality contractors are hard to find. Fiber is a mission-critical infrastructure, and the cost of a messy deployment can be sky-high.

Current state of networks in the US

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5-7 Years

Future state of Networks in the US

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Nexus is here to change things for the better.

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We are industry veterans.

We create timing, quality, and cost promises that clients love and that we do not deviate from. Period.



We don’t just deploy.

We can help you plan and pre-position your network around 5G, IoT, or other changes coming to telecom.  We know standards and we know how the latest equipment interoperates.



We are a one-stop-shop.

We thrive in design and build situations. We can do it all – in the office or in the field – and can manage a project from start to finish.



We are continuously improving.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and specialized equipment and process in our engineering and construction practices to perfect process and minimize labor strain. We track data religiously.



We embrace innovation.

We do non-standard deployment (outside of standard conduit routes – in sewers, pipelines, and more) and can help you determine if it makes sense for your project.



We make your life easier.

We will make deployment as simple as possible, and we will do so on your terms. Our #1 priority is client satisfaction.

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Let's connect.